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We are a non-commercial and a non-sectarian operational NGO, based in the heart of Sheikhupura. We were founded in October 2010 under the Society Act 1860 and have been serving the less privileged of the local commune ever since.We aim to provide services and facilities of the basic human need to the residents of the city and the remote areas in its vicinity.
Our services include medical diagnostics and treatment for differently-abled individuals, free education for kids and youth, and clean water supply for the community.

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HRO Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory

Supervised by a senior Pathologist and experienced technicians, HRO Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory is one of the largest freestanding diagnostic centers in Sheikhupura.

HRO Helping Hand

• Creating awareness of the causes and treatment of Hepatitis B and C. • Medical camps in urban and rural areas for free healthcare facilities. • Relief Camps for the affectees of natural calamities.

HRO Hope

HRO Hope works to empower the differently-abled people by providing them with healthcare, education, and entrepreneurial assistance.

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HRO Clean Water

Installment of water filtration plants to ensure the supply of clean and PCRWR-testified water.

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Our mission is to inspire this generation into action by instilling a sense of humanitarianism in them. Providing the local community the access to health and education facilities, we aim to empower the less privileged and walk them towards a better life. In our attempt to take this community one step ahead, we aspire to set an example of philanthropy for our generation, to follow and join hands in.

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  • Customer support: 056 3780431
  • Email: enquiries.hro@gmail.com