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Drinking-water quality in our country has been undergoing a rapid decline for the past few years.
As per the analytical data collected bythe Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR), 69% to 85% of the available drinking water contains contaminants in the form of bacteria, sediments, Arsenic, and other heavy metals.
Alarmed by the potential threats and hazards of the situation, Health Relief Organization was compelled to launch HRO Clean Water project.It ensures the filtration of drinking water before its consumption by general public, in the city of Sheikhupura and the rural areas in its vicinity.
HRO Clean Water has been successful in installing Six filtration plants so far and is currently working on several other similar installments.

What are we doing?

HRO Clean Water team conducts analytical research and procedures to identify the agents contaminating the drinking water of a given location. After the contaminants have been identified, our team provides the filtration plant that is designed to remove these particular hazardous substances effectively.

HRO takes complete responsibility for the post-installation maintenance.
To ensure effective filtration, water samples from the installed filtration plants are sent over to the PCRWR for an analytical test every two months.

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