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HRO Helping Hand was initiated in the year 2010. It aims to lend a helping hand to the under-resourced and less privileged people of the city.

  • We, as the team of HRO, are dedicated to creating awareness of viral Hepatitis B and C,which is known to kill 1.5 million people worldwide, every year. We focus on educating the general public about its causes,prevention, symptoms, and treatment.
  • We set up free medical camps to medically and financially facilitate those in need.
    Ultrasounds, diagnosis and consultancy for Diabetes, and Orthopedic and Psychiatric assessments are some amongst the many other free services that we offer.
  • We set up relief camps for the affectees of floods and other natural calamities in the country. The purpose is to provide them with medication, medical check-up, and financial support, as a humanitarian gesture in times of chaos.
  • Owing to the generous donation made by people, HRO was able to raise funds to provide aid to the affectees of the disastrous floods of Pakistan in 2010 and to supply necessary medical equipment: Sphygmomanometer, Nebulizer machines, Sucker machines and Wheelchairs to the Civil Hospital, Sheikhupura.
HRO wanted to be the helping hand of the people of Sheikhupura and facilitate them in all means possible. The initiation of this project was marked by raising funds to donate medical equipment to the Civil Hospital of Sheikhupura. Later, the project was extended in several dimensions that entailed free medical camps, free medicines, and diagnostic tests for the needy and relief camps for the affectees of natural calamities. This project is based on the idea of extending hands towards the less privileged and pull them to a level from where they can sustain themselves.

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