Health Relief Organization HOPE

A h.r.o Project to empower people with disabilities

According to figures released by the World Bank, one-fifth of the world’s poorest people are disabled and with many of them living in low and middle income groups. In Pakistan, the available data (which makes rather conservative estimates) suggests that one in every eight households is inhabited by a person with disabilities. Within this population only 28% are literate; 14% are currently employed and nearly 70% are dependent on their families for complete financial support. Disabled people must overcome a multitude of barriers that may prevent access to education; financial stability; transportation; healthcare; and recreation.
The aim of Project Hope is to empower people with disabilities, irrespective of caste; creed; religion; gender or other discriminations. We want them to realize their full potential in all aspects of life.
  • Supporting the youth

H.R.O believes in serving the community to help people in need. This includes supporting kids to gain education, providing mobility equipment to the disabled, providing basic human needs or supporting young entrepreneurs with small businesses. We believe in our youth and we want to help them grow. They are our hope for a better future.

  • Making life Easy

Our mission is to making peoples life easy and provide them material which will make their life easy. Bicycles and wheelchairs are provided to many of our members.

  • Filling Needs

Our mission is to making peoples life easy by fulfilling their basic needs and try to give them a better life style. H.R.O is Assisting to those in need of clothes, blankets & food.

  • entrepreneurs

Assistance  for those wishing to establish small businesses. Begging is not an Option, we will try our best to make these people stand on their feet and support their family, Many sew machines are given to members.

Our Vision..

We Believe everyone has a Story. It’s us making it remarkable or keeps it hidden.

How far can these Specially able people go is yet to be seen but don’t let others decide your fate. It’s your life, Your story; You can make it Better.

Read our Real-life Stories. Who changes their Vision of life and other’s vision about Themselves

Be Social:

Unfortunately, our country has not yet succeeded in establishing any institute to provide for the needs of differently-abled people. They are either seen living their lives entirely dependent on others or are found begging on the streets. HRO Hope is an initiative taken by us to facilitate and educate these people such that they no longer need external support. Under this project, we focus on the education and healthcare of differently-abled individuals. They are not only sent to schools for conventional education but are also made to attend several motivational events. This helps them interact with others and enables their participation in confidence-boosting activities. All these individuals are taken to recreational trips so as to give them a sense of joy and happiness. Taking care of their educational and medical needs, we guarantee that under the shelter of HRO Hope, these differently-abled people are well looked after. Today, there are several such individuals who after treatment and education from HRO are now able to support themselves and their families through small businesses and entrepreneurial projects.

Annual Eid-Ul-Adha Event

Library Visit With Special People

Making Pakistan Green with Special People

Talent Hunt Event

Visiting Hiran Minar with H.R.O Team