Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory 

Health Relief Organization (HRO) Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory was established in October 2010.
The objective of this project is to provide reliable and accurate diagnostic services to the local commune through cost-effective yet quality diagnostic procedures.
Run under the professional supervision of a senior pathologist and experienced technicians; it has grown to become one of the largest freestanding diagnostic centers in Sheikhupura.



Our laboratory conducts all tests at 50% of the market rate. This facility is provided to all citizens regardless of their financial standing. This initiative taken by our lab has helped control the market rate-list for all tests in our city.


Lab technology and equipment is kept up-to-date. We try our best to bring all test facilities for the citizens so that their time and travel expenses to bigger cities can be minimized.

Maintenance and Quality Control

All equipment and machines are serviced and maintained regularly as recommended by the manufacturers. We opine that quality checks are of great significance and so we try to deliver the best quality and service.

Quick Service

We work on an automation so our report service, and all lab proceduresare quick and are delivered in a timely fashion.


Waste and used equipment are carefully disposed in accordance with the state policies.

Human Resource

Our staff welcomes feedback and is available to respond to queries at all times. In order to better their ability to cater to citizens, we arrange educational workshops for our staff. Moreover, we also grant them opportunities to opt for other training courses.

Sample Collection Home Service

Owing either to their busy lives or old age limitations, people are often unable to come to the laboratory to drop a sample. We offer a sample collection home service to facilitate you in this regard. If you want to employ this service, contact us at: -------------

View and Download Your Reports Online

Online availability of test reports is ensured to spare you an extra visit to the lab. Now you can view and download your test reports online by simply entering your cell number and your patient’s ID in our portal.

Special Offers

Our organization puts up several packages and discount offer on all laboratory tests at the national days and recommended health days. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with all our upcoming offers.

HRO Membership Card

HRO Membership card holders are given access to special discount offers and packages. They can use their card for themselves and for their immediate family members.

One of the major problems that are found prevalent in most developing and under-developed countries is that of the high cost of healthcare facilities. It is indeed heartbreaking to visit a social healthcare department and witness people of minimal financial standing being burdened by high medical costs. HRO Team wanted to play its part in the eradication of this issue, and so it came up with a plan of establishing a clinical diagnostic laboratory which would not only cater all citizens at rates 50% that of the market list but would also ensure quality, accuracy, and authenticity of all test reports. HRO Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory is a no-profit no-loss institution and is run under the supervision of a senior pathologist and experienced technicians.

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